Sigma Modular Chain Transfer System Print

The transfer system with just one chain profile and two side profiles is outstanding in its simple, uncluttered system design. A chain width of 27 mm ensures a long chain life. The work piece carriers (referred to below as pallets) can transport up to 130 kg depending on the size of the system (with pallet sizes from 80 × 80 mm to 450 × 1 700 mm). With its ability to negotiate curves, the transfer system makes optimum use of the available space. Due to its robust construction the system can withstand extreme conditions. It can be used at temperatures from - 2 0 ° C to + 70 ° C and in environments exposing it to oil, grease, water and a variety of different chemical emulsions. Wear is minimal due to the small number of moving parts. The system‘s ability to negotiate curves necessitates only a few drive motors, so maintenance and energy costs are low. The pallets move on one level. They do not have to be lifted in curves. This has a positive effect on control process complexity.

Many application possibilities thanks to the broad product rangeTransfer system with intersection and curve modules

Expandable with minimal effort to meet increases in production demand

Basic features
• Simple structure
• System sizes to fit specific
• Just one drive per transfer loop
• Robust chain, insensitive to dirt,
   as the means of transport
• Pallet sizes from 80 × 80 mm to
   450 × 1 700 mm, for work pieces
   weighing up to 130 kg


• The centrical chain drive enables
   easy changes of direction as well
   as simple transfer of pallets to
   cross transfer and intersection
• Flexibility and good use of space
   (optimized layout for the space

Special applications
• In cold and hot environment
• Transport concept insensitive to
   oil and dirt
• ESD compliance on request
• Transfer chain in stainless steel or
   aluminum on request

Economic sustainability
The modules are reusable, enabling
changes in production setups or
entirely different production systems.
The transfer system can be expanded
in size at any time in response to
increases in production demand.