ESD Execution of the Sigma Transfer System Print
Monday, 30 August 2010 00:00

Insufficient provisions in production equipment can cause damages to electronic components, which can be affected by static electricity.

Production equipment and workstations must therefore meet ESD standards to protect sensitive components. Static electricity can be generated by contact of different materials, frictien, separation and influence effects.

Six Sigma systems are available in ESD execution. All modules like drivers, deflections, arm supports and read/write - modules are made from ESD - suitable material. The use of the aluminium transport chain enables deployments in the 30 to 50 V/cm range. It is therefore ideally suited for transporting electronic components and subsystems. The sliding blocks of pallets are made of stainless steel. The ST-815,820 and 840 systems feature bronce wheels as side swivel rollers.


Existing transfer systems can be refurbished with an ESD chain and stainless steel sliding blocks at any time.


– Simple, robust transfer system
– Straightforward system structure
– Standardized transfer modules
– Expandable
– Modules highly reusable for new transfer system applications
– Suitable for a large number of applications
– Easy to maintain, low servicing cost
– Quiet in operation