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ST-700 SIGMA Transfer System Print
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 00:00

ST-700 model of the SIGMA Transfer System – handles curves like a racecar
on an alpine pass road...

The extraordinary flexibility of SIGMA transfer technology comes to the fore in an ST-700 transfer unit delivered to a major German customer (supplier to the auto industry).

The workpiece carriers (WPCs) are transported on sliding shoes on a plastic chain running along the center. The chain can be diverted to 45º/90º/180º in the horizontal plane with minimal effort. As a result, you can create the most compact manufacturing cells, adapted ideally to existing structures or locations with limited space. This example shows how little space is needed to accommodate a manufacturing cell with a total of six manual work stations (MWSs). This transfer system requires only one drive module, yielding economic advantages in terms of energy consumption as well as control and maintenance work. A pneumatic chain tensioner ensures optimum interlocking and tensile force for the transport chain. Made of POM white (Ertalyte), the transport chain can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from – 20° C to + 80° C. The SIGMA transfer unit is especially suited to jobs involving the use of oil and water emulsions. For instance, it is becoming increasingly significant in its capacity as a buffer system and in the logistical linkage of compact manufacturing cells in mechanical manufacturing. The workpiece carriers have a useable surface area of 150 by 150 mm and a maximum loading capacity of 8 kg. They are adapted to whatever the possible layouts happen to be. With their hexagonal shape which is well-suited for curves, even the diversions can be fully used as buffer space.

WPC size                      150 x 150 mm
Weight per WPC            per WT 8 kg
Number of WPCs           62 pieces
Chain speed                 170 mm / sec.
System height              1 000 mm
Dimensions                   4,0 x 3,4 m

Your Benefits:

- Simple, robust means of transport
- Small number of drive modules
- Modular, uncluttered system design
- Compact design
- High degree of operational reliability
- Expandable at any time
- Minimal maintenance required
- Minimal space required